Arthur's Teacher Trouble Living Books / Broderbund, The Learning Company 1993

Arthur begins a new school year in his third grade class with his new teacher Mr. Ratburn. As all of the kids in Arthur's class will tell you, Mr. Ratburn is not exactly every child's dream of having him for a teacher. He is known to the students as the "RAT" because all of the students are afraid of him. Mr. Ratburn will be giving the children a spelling test the first week they are in school! Not only is it a new school year, they are preparing for the spellathon and will be selecting a classmate to represent the class in the spellathon with many different schools. This means lots of work for the student that is selected. Arthur is amazed when he is chosen to be in the school spellathon. His classmates cheer him on of perhaps winning the spellathon. Arthur shares his homework woes with his family. They help him study by asking him to spell words for them. Arthur studies very hard for the spelling test. One of the words they are asked to spell will be an eleven letter word. Even though Prunella believed she would win, Arthur was determined to do his best. Arthur spells P-R-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N and wins the Spellathon. Animated story books let elementary and beginning level children create an interactive world where they learn, listen and explore. By clicking on any part of the screen, phrases and sounds are triggered for each page of the story. The interactive stories allow for self-paced work and employ a dynamic whole- language approach to reading and word recognition. Based on the book by best-selling author Marc Brown, children practice spelling and reading while learning new vocabulary words. Kids practice along with Arthur as he studies for his school's spelling bee. Enhance your child's education while they have fun playing with Arthur. Let Me Play Mode: You'll be able to start exploring each page after its introduction. Selecting Read To Me to has the story read to you (passive mode).
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