Axel & Pixel Silver Wish Games / 2K Play 2010

Axel and Pixel are trapped in a beautiful but dangerous dream world in this Samorost-style adventure. If they plan to get out they must solve its mysteries. Drawn by hand and rendered in full high-definition, it's a unique journey through an artist's dream. It features 24 stunning chapters set in 4 different seasons, 3 vehicle minigames and many challenging puzzles. One day Axel, a painter, and his dog Pixel awaken trapped in a beautiful but perilous dream world of his own creation. They must solve the mysteries of Axel's landscapes to get home. Guide the duo through this awe-inspiring world to help Axel fulfill his greatest wish – to paint a picture of all four seasons in a single day. Unlock the full game for 24 stunning chapters in different seasons, vehicle mini-games, many challenging puzzles and hand-drawn art rendered in full high-definition, Axel & Pixel is a unique journey through an artist's dream.
Full Demo 433MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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