Black Sect Lankhor 1993

A book of spells has been stolen. A sinister Community is terrorizing a small village in the Yorkshire Moors. It is time for you to help. Go and search for the book of spells that has disappeared. Your trail takes many days and nights over the lonely moors. You may discover the secret entrance of the black sect's hiding place. A lot of the puzzles are time dependent as certain events will only occur during certain times of day or night. This French developed game has been released as freeware now and the English version seems very rare. In 2012, a fan-made English remake was released with enhanced graphics and colour along with a few animations, sounds and puzzles. The game clock now advances solely when you undertake certain actions and a single click will reverse any fatal decision. The interface has also been improved, with the point-and-click cursor now lighting up over hotspots.
French Full Demo 2Mb ( @ Lost Treasures)
French & Spanish Full Freeware Demo 3Mb ( @ Official Site)
Spanish Full Demo 3Mb ( @ XTC Abandonware)
Fan-Subbed English Version Full Demo 1.83MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
Free Fan-Made English 2012 Remake 21MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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