Blinky Bill's Ghost Cave Forest Interactive, Yorm Gross Films / Roadshow Interactive 1997

The game based on the animated series itself is based on the animated film which itself is based on an old children's book series is still regarded as a classic and popular in Australia. Starring a koala bear and set in Greenpatch, a fictional Australian town, that presents stories of conservation and nature through the activities of Blinky Bill and his family and friends. Most of the game consists of an interactive story with a few small games. The game is more appropriate for small children. You can choose activities puzzles, where you'll have to put together his friends and enemies of the Blinky Bill. You can also select painting, which you can paint the show's figure for your enjoyment. Another challenging task of thinking, there will be the need to identify certain sounds of animals, a jigsaw puzzle game-related story, and more. Two additional activities are "projector", where your slide displays a number of Australian animals, and the book, where you can see and hear a story related to Blinky Bill and his friends.
ISO Demo 311MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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English Uncompressed ISO Demo 437MB (uploaded by craig nurden)
Blinky Bill e la Caverna dei Fantasmi - Italian ISO Demo 399MB (uploaded by vitali80)

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