Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain Silicon Knights / Crystal Dynamics / Activision 1996

The nobleman Kain has been slain by a group of bandits and in his death, he is revived by the necromancer, Nupraptor for his own ends. Kain is returned in the form of a vampire and burns to exact revenge on those who had killed him. Stronger and faster than a human being, coupled with a thirst for blood that must be satisfied regularly, he is able to dispatch his killers quickly. However Nupraptor and other forces seek to use him a tool in a greater plot. Nupraptor is of the circle of nine, the guardians of the Pillars of Nosgoth. These pillars, the center of the world and balancing the forces, have become corrupted and the Circle members been driven mad (including Nupraptor). The only way to restore the balance is for Kain to seek out each guardian and kill them. The fate of Nosgoth may hang on Kain decisions. Blood Omen is a top-down game where the player controls the vampiric Kain. As a vampire, Kain is vulnerable to direct sunlight as well as water. He is however able to obtain several cursed abilities and spells such as being able to transform into a bat, transform into a werewolf, transform into a mist cloud and sometimes disguise himself from creatures of weaker mind. But Kain is also fixated on murder and is a master of several ways to kill and destroy his opponents. As the enemies are slain in front of him, Kain may drink their blood to restore his health, which is always trickling away, representative of his insatiable craving. To aid in the slaughter of his enemies, Kain may equip different weapons and armor, each with its own unique properties. It plays like your typical Legend of Zelda-style action RPG, light on character interaction and heavy on exploration, dungeon crawling, and combat. You witness the action from a bird's-eye view, highlighted by dozens of smoothly animated, 3D-rendered characters and gorgeous colored lighting.
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Blood Omnicide - Fan-Made Addon which recreates game in 3D graphics 940MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Full Demo 92MB ( @ Abandonia)
How to run game on modern o/s
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GL Wrapper + Patch to run on modern o/s / Languages (voices & subs) + HQ Cutscenes + Installer 35kb / 1.5GB (uploaded by Verok's Official Blog)
ISO Demo + PSX ISO + Extras 540MB+418MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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