Blue Ice Art of Mind Productions / Psygnosis 1995

Blue Ice is a strangely compelling puzzle adventure which was released only in a few European countries, and then quickly disappeared from the market. The game is perhaps best described as a cross between surrealist painters Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, with a plot that is no less strange: you are a young prince who must prove himself worthy of a throne left for him by the belated King. This surreal game, in short, will tax both your intelligence and patience. It is, however, undeniably unique, with interesting plot and characters to warrant your time. Definitely a challenge for anyone who likes very difficult, esoteric puzzles. The game also predates another surrealistic game Treasure Quest and was similarly conceived as a contest which unfortunately never materialized. WARNING: This game induces severe headaches due to its almost incomprehensible puzzles and overdose of surreal art.
Full Demo 37Mb (@ Juego Viejo)
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ISO Demo 296MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 202MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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