Blueberry Garden Eric Svedang / Steam 2009

This is a game about survival set in a hand-drawn world with a vibrant ecosystem. Players control a bird-like character that is able to move around, jump, fly, and pick and throw items. While exploring, trees and bushes can be found that produce different types of fruit with magical effects. By consuming these, the character is able to fly long distances, terraform the environment and breathe underwater. There are other friendly creatures also inhabit the world. They procreate, walk around and eat the fruit. By picking them up and moving them, the player can manipulate the environment to make sure not all items are eaten. Fruit can also be moved around to have it grow at other locations. That way the player is fully able to alter the environment, a technique required to complete the main goal of the game. Physics also play an important role to achieve this. The garden will be flooded slowly, and by gaining access to different kind of objects, used to construct a giant tower, the player needs to figure out a way to overcome this. It is possible to die when drowning in water (the character cannot swim), but it can start over again from the starting location right away, without having to replay parts. While carrying around fruit, it is possible to press a key to return to the starting point. Often, specific items will need to be used on a different location. There is no linear path to follow, the player can explore the garden in any direction. The game is meant to be played multiple times, to discover the different possibilities as well to find out about the two endings. It won 'Best Independent Game' prize at the 2009 Independent Games Festival and is available on Steam for only $5.
Level Demo ( @ Steam)
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Full Demo 11MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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