Bonkheads 1 A.M. Productions / Aspyr Media 1998

Bonkheads or "Grag And Thog Bonkheads" is a 2D platform computer game first published and developed in 1996 by 1AM Productions. It was re-released by Aspyr as Bonkheads Deluxe. In the game, the player must rid of pests in 144 levels that comprised Trollsville. The player can play the role of Grag, or have a partner join the game as Thog. There are giant bosses throughout the game including Shrew-Man-Chew, T. Wrecks and D. Evil. Bonkheads was moderately successful, but is said by fans to be underrated. In each level there is a number of platforms, each level has a different layout and number of platforms. Throughout the levels, all kinds of pests (dogs, raccoons, bees, snakes, dinosaurs, demons and more) fall from the top of the screen on the top platform. They begin to walk on the platforms, whenever a pet reaches the end of a platform, it falls to the platform underneath it. When an enemy reaches the side of the screen it reappears at the top again. The game, almost exactly, models Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The goal of the game is to get rid of all the pests. Getting rid of a pest is done by bonking the pest – jumping and hitting the platform that the pest is walking on, just under the pest. This knocks out the pest for a few moments. During that time, the player can swipe the pest off the screen by running through it. When there are no more pests on the screen, the player wins and advances to the next level. Defeating bosses (like Shrew-Man-Chew, a giant shrew), is done by bonking the boss a number of times. Although the solo game is already a lot of fun, Bonkheads really shines in two-player mode. You can play either co-operative or competitive mode, and they are both a blast. With a lot of levels, many different enemies, and an all-around solid gameplay, Bonkheads is a keeper.
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