Byzantine: The Betrayal Discovery Channel Multimedia, Stormfront Studios / Discovery Communications, Inc. 1997

As the introduction explains, you're an American journalist. One day, your old college pal who lives in Istanbul sent an e-mail asking you to come as soon as you can as he has to offer you a story of a lifetime. But, by the time you get there, so did police, and you find out your old buddy, Emre, has ran away. You have to use your investigative skills to uncover the secret he was prepping to tell you. But soon afterwards, you'll find him killed, and now it's not just a quest on mind to take care of, you'll have to fight for your life as well. The game is a typical 1st-person adventure that gives you the 360 degrees freedom of movement, as well as looking up and down. Screens are static like in any other adventure games, and talking is something similar to the Tex Murphy games, with live cast and photo realistic surroundings. The game incorporates details of Turkey's history, so you'll have to use some pretty exotic piece of technology to investigate through the history and use it to save yourself in the present, and uncover the secrets that lie behind your friend's murder.
6CD ISO Demo 3.17GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
WinXP Setup
Full Demo with DOSBox 3.08GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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