Case Closed Spectrum Pacific Publishing 1999

Those of you who remember the classic board game Clue will recognize this plot immediately. By invitation only, you and seven others arrive on a secluded island and enter a huge mansion. Shortly after your arrival, your host is murdered and all of you are suspects. Until the murderer is caught, no one can leave the island. In this computer rendition of the game, it is possible to play alone or with multiple teammates. Take turns by rolling video dice and dig for randomly scattered weapons and clues in the mansion's 12 rooms, which are rendered in 3-dimensional detail. Each of the characters has a personal history with the murder victim. They all have distinct personalities, backgrounds, voices - and motives. Sound effects and video animations add to the realism and the immersion factor in this whodunnit murder mystery. Very replayable, there are 8 separate cases that can be solved resulting in 24 possible outcomes and 9 different endings. If you get through all of those, even more cases can be downloaded.
Full Demo 121MB / Outro Addon 53MB (uploaded by Meddle)
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ISO Demo 553MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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