Casebook Clocktower Games / Big Fish Games 2008

What's unique about Casebook is that it uses a special technology developed by a company called Areograph that is able to blend real film footage (including real actors and real locations) into the gameplay. The results are photorealistic 3D environments with characters that look like they're straight out of a movie or TV show. The game also features more than 30 minutes of cinematic cutscenes. You play the role of a rookie detective paired with Detective James Burton. Episode 0: The Missing Urn is a free shorter but complete episode. How far could one man's ashes go? When Detective Burton's Aunt Maggie is involved, who's to say? It's a mystery of curious proportions when her husband's ashes go walkabout. She's looked everywhere, except the basement ... and you'll see why. Scour the original crime scene for a priceless momento, study cinematic encounters, practice your forensic skills on a range of Casebook mini-games. In Episode 1: Kidnapped, you'll help Burton to solve a kidnapping case by scouring the crime scene to gather forensic evidence, and interviewing suspects. Gameplay involves using your camera to collect photos in realistic crime scenes, and analyzing clues in a dozen different mini-games including dusting for fingerprints and isolating chemical samples in the lab. Episode II - The Watcher (Feb/2009) - You've been called to the Skylark Apartments - a routine investigation of a young man's death. But things are never what they seem in this oddville. Search creepy apartments, hear what the locals have to say, and solve the case - Did he jump, or was he pushed? Welcome to the weird world of the Skylark Apartments. Episode III - Snake In The Grass (Nov/2009) - A small town is threatened by an old enemy, and only Detective Burton can save the day. But things aren't so simple ... Burton's off the case, and the suspect seems like a new man. Something's wrong in this little garden state, and saving a town may mean stepping outside the law. In 2010, a Casebook Trilogy: Special Edition came out with reworked versions of the three games in the series. The games have been enhanced with new mini-games, a new evidence linking system, a hint system and a ranking system in which you work your way up from a Lab Technician to Forensic Expert. Statistics show how much of the available evidence you have found, divided into two categories: Hard Evidence which is essential to the case and Other Evidence which is optional. The mini-games can be skipped, but doing so lowers the final score, as does using the hints system.
Screenshots Episode#1-3
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Free Episode 0: The Missing Urn 248MB (@ Official Site)
Reviews Ep#0-3
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Episodes 0 & 1 DVD ISO Demo 2.09GB (uploaded by Molitor)
Episode 3 DVD ISO Demo 1.15GB (uploaded by Molitor)
Episode 2 DVD ISO Demo 1.39GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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