Cendric's Quest Pharos Games 1999

Cendric's Quest is the exciting prequel to SerpentHead. Years ago, the Royal Mage Cendric journeyed to the ancient fortress of IronGate to reassemble the lost SerpentScepter. Guide Cendric through IronGate's dungeons and tower rooms; help him confront its denizens and uncover its secrets. Rely on your wits and Cendric's magic to uncover the three parts of the SerpentScepter - the weapon you will later need to destroy evil in SerpentHead. Cendric's Quest features a digitized original musical score, digital sound effects, and intriguing puzzles.
Shareware Demo 4MB (uploaded by CNET Download.com)
Included in: Ally's Adventure 3:Cherokee Trails ISO Demo 138MB along with Ally's Adventure: Through The Glass, Ally's Adventure 2:Ben Franklin Adventure, Serpenthead (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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