Clans / Satanica ComputerHouse GBG AB / Strategy First, Inc. 1999

A Diablo clone that brings something new to the table. Clans look and setup is a direct steal from Diablo but that is all superficial because Clans is more like an adventure than a hack-and-slash. There are many inventory based puzzles. For an example, near the beginning you encounter a mage who was banished into a pool of water by the Demon (main bad guy of the game). Using the last of his magic, the wizard spirits you away to his cottage so you can destroy his spellbook and, in turn, release him. After you destroy the enemies wandering around, you find his spellbook. But you cannot destroy it directly, so you pick it up and explore the rest of his house. A stick found elsewhere becomes a torch when you touch it to one of his experiments and the torch ingnites his fireplace. Now that you have a good fire you place the book in and you've lifted the curse and rescued the mage. Another thing that makes Clans stand apart is the use of prerendered "rooms" where you can only see the action in that room and none other.
Level Demo 21MB (uploaded by File Planet)
ISO Demo 468MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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