Clay Agent / Agent Hlina [Ru] 1C / Cenega, Avalon Style Entertainment 2001

This is one of the first Russian projects where all characters are clay-made. Owing to this technology heroes and characters look very comical and thus the whole picture considerably differs from classical "drawn" quests. Though clay is very attractive material, and there is a great tradition of clay-toons in Russia, game developers did not attempt to make a clay game for a long time. Modeling of clay creatures is a long and hard business, yet it looks quite simple on the face of it. It offers a brilliant game for the agent who must solve an extremely important mission - to find gold on the cue ball clay planet lost in space and populated by clay natives. The show starts in an open space on a clay spaceship soaring through space in clay. Somewhere in the depths of the Starship play billiards, commander of the galactic intelligence and a sudden swarm of meteorites can distract from a perfect detonation ... and instead sent the ball through the ventilation system in the universe.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 294+291MB (uploaded by
Czech ISO Demo 287MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Agente Clay - Italian ISO Demo 633MB (uploaded by vitali80)

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