Clue!, The neo Software Produktions GmbH / Kompart UK, Ltd. / NEO Software 1993

The Clue! is an original mix of adventure and strategy. You are Matt Stuvysant, a young criminal wannabe trying to strike it rich in London... through robbery. Adventure elements include talking to other people for clues on potential targets and recruiting accomplices and getaway car drivers, while strategy involves planning every detail of the burglary, including escape route and more. Great game overall, but difficult due to the wealth of information and names you must keep track of. Still, if you like adventure games that successfully combine elements from other genres, or just unique games in general, The Clue! is a must-play that will keep you entertained for dozens of hours.
Full Demo 2MB (@ Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo 209MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Clou! Open Source Project - The Clue! + Profidisk (English), Open SDL Port v0.7 English with German Voice 5MB+63.9MB (uploaded by SourceForge)

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