ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra Learning Company, The 1998

Deep in the Rainforest, strange things are happening. A monster that attacked the Rainforest many years ago is believed to have returned after the mysterious disappearance of many animals and the famous naturalist Dr. Horace Pythagoras. With all these strange things happening who can save the Rainforest? The ClueFinders are called in to help save the Rainforest, and the professor. In the game your goal is to find two keys in two different parts of the Rainforest called the Goo Lagoon, and the Monkey Kingdom to open the ancient city gates where Mathra is hiding. This game for ages 7-9 teaches 3rd grade curriculum such as Language arts, Science, Logic and much more. Laptrap provides, a menu, that includes, a sound on/off option, a map, a ClueFinders club, and progress report to help show how well your doing in your subjects. The game also provides, a red video phone for help in any game.
2CD ISO Demo 548MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Year 3 UK ISO Demo 250MB (uploaded by nanette)

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