ClueFinders Reading Adventures: Mystery of the Missing Amulet The Learning Company 1999

The ClueFinders are transported across the galaxy to rescue a dying planet from the grasp of the sorceress Malicia. You'll have to uncover the planet's secrets and collect useful clues to unlock a great mystery! To save their friends and the planet, two halves of a broken amulet with healing powers must be joined. Joni and Owen must travel to the shrines where the halves of the amulet are kept. Along the way, players must solve grammatical problems and learn reading comprehension, spelling, synonyms, antonyms and more. As they do, the inhabitants of the planet, each imprisoned by the evil sorceress, are set free. Another curriculum-based adventure from the makers of the Reader Rabbit series, this ClueFinders mission focuses on grammar, vocabulary building, and logic skills to improve reading-comprehension abilities. With nine different learning areas and friendly characters to help solve mysteries, kids may enjoy the game format so much that even those frustrated with reading in class will have fun. The story line on the first disc revolves around a search for a missing amulet--each area supplies clues to aid in this search, as well as problem-solving missions that must be completed before finding both halves of the amulet. Like all programs in this series, it uses A.D.A.P.T technology, which assesses your child's abilities and then automatically adjusts when necessary, providing learning tips as needed and tracking progress. On the second disc are printable, personalized workbooks and reward certificates, as well as a master progress checker that allows parents in-depth monitoring of a student's progress. An online database of educational tools provides a terrific additional resource for you to help your child develop a lifelong love for reading. Whether he or she is already a great reader or needs extra tutoring, this program can provide any late-elementary student with valuable new skills and hours of enjoyment.
2CD ISO Demo (upped by Old_Schooler)
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