Crescendo D.O. Corp. / G-Collections 2003

Crescendo is the sentimental tale of Ryo Sasaki, and the last few days of his high school life before graduation. As the curtain closes on his childhood, he wraps up affairs with Kaho and Kyoko, his friends in the literary club. He visits with Kaori, the school nurse who always had a cup of coffee ready for him when he wanted to escape for a while. He shares dinner with Ayame, the stepsister who protected him as though he were her real brother when their parents died. Together they have all made so many memories, but soon it will all change. Crescendo plays as an interactive novel. The story proceeds at its own pace, pausing occasionally to allow the user to intervene by making a decision. This title features graphic depictions of sex, and is for adults only.
2CD ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 552MB
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