Critical Point Sweet Basil / Will / Peach Princess 1998

This is a hentai adventure first released in Japan in 1998 and translated for release in English in 2002. Early in the 21st century, a sudden shortage of energy and food caused World War III - the most devastating in the history of mankind. The Earth's population was reduced to 15% of its pre-war level. Some years later, four powerful organizations control the Earth and the Moon. Each one of them wants to be the sole ruler of the world. You are Captain Reiji Osumi of the Free Alliance Space Force. You were a fighter pilot during the War, and your past is shadowed by a terrible incident. You are now sent to the Free Alliance Moon Base, suspecting a sabotage has taken place there. The Base is populated entirely by women, and when you arrive there, you notice their behavior is quite strange... has this something to do with the sabotage? It's up to you to reveal the mystery in this sci-fi hentai adventure. By selecting choices when investigating and talking to the women on the base, you can influence the course of the game and reach one of the 24 endings. A Limited Edition retained the Japanese censorshop mosaics. The game features an engrossing sci-fi suspense / mystery storyline written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was also instrumental in the creation of many classic sci-fi anime such as "Macross" (aka "Robotech"), "Gundam", "Bubblegum Crisis", and "Orguss".
Full Demo 153MB Outro Addon 34Mb(uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 487MB

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