Daemonica RA Images & Cinemax / Meridian4 2006

Daemonica is an intriguing 3D interactive mystery that offers an immersive storyline with unexpected twists, extensive dialogues with believable characters, puzzles, both mandatory and optional quests. Action fights are smoothly integrated into the gameplay. Set in the medieval England it tells a story of Nicholas Farepoynt, an "investigator" who can talk to the Dead. It's a story of blood, passion and sacrifice. Throughout the game the player will explore the gloomy surroundings of the slowly dying city of Cavorn, make sacrifices, talk to both living and dead characters, fight and punish those who deserve it, gather information, collect herbs and make potions to enhance his senses and slowly discover what role he plays in all of this. As he strives to solve the murder of a young girl, more dead appear and the town starts to slowly slip into insanity. A grim, long-forgotten secret, something that should never see the light of day again slowly awakes.
Level Demo 306Mb (uploaded by Game Pressure)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 464MB

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