Dame Was Loaded, The Beam Software Pty., Ltd. / Philips Interactive Media, Inc. 1996

Featuring Australian actors, some who went on to become better known (at least down under); The Dame Was Loaded is a full motion video detective game set in the USA in the 1940s. The main protagonist is Scott Anger. Like all noir-ish detectives he carries a wound from which he cannot escape. Surfacing recently from the bottom of a bottle, a mundane missing brother case seems like a good way to get things going again. You have to go around interviewing people and looking for clues. Some of the joints you need to visit are pretty sleazy. Some of the things you'll find may be helpful in making people friendly towards you and others will be clues. The game features full screen real-life graphics. Sometimes it is just a picture, but other times it is full screen video. The interface is the cursor which changes over significant spots.
2CD ISO Demo 958MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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