Dangerous Dave's 3 Risky Rescue Gamer's Edge / Softdisk Publishing 1993

This sequel did not involve the creators who had gone on to form id Software, but were done by their old employers at Softdisk using the Keen Dreams engine. Dangerous Dave is back in this gory and macabre adventure. Battle wolves and other man-killing creatures with your shotgun attempting to rescue Dave's little brother Delbert from the castle of the evil Dr. Nemesis. There's 11 levels and more monsters than the previous. The game features the same campy humor as the first two games, challenging levels that are very varied and well-designed, and more secret levels that are a lot of fun to discover. After the claustrophobic level of Dangerous Dave in The Haunted Mansion, the breezy outdoor scenes in this game are refreshing, and provide excellent backdrops for more diverse monsters and their attacks. Gigantic spiders drop down from trees, and you can jump on tree branches to explore the vertical environs. Overall, an excellent platformer that truly deserves its "cult" status. By many opinions this game was considered the goriest game before 1994 (it was defeated by Wolf 3D).
Full Demos all Dangerous Dave Games Pack 1MB (uploaded by hfric)
Dangerous Dave Pack - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.6 + Copyright Infringement 14.1MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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