Dark Fall 2: Lights Out Darkling Room / The Adventure Company, Iceberg Interactive 2004

The story begins with the arrival of Parker, a young cartographer, in the Cornish harbor town of Trewarthen. Jagged rocks have claimed the lives of the town's fishermen for centuries, and Parker is sent to map the area. Upon his arrival, Parker encounters great hostility from the townspeople, especially when inquiring about Fetch Rock Lighthouse. As a deep fog rolls in, the faithful glow from the lighthouse suddenly goes out, leaving fishermen at sea in peril. When Parker sets out to solve the mystery, he uncovers a sinister secret. There's more than 50 realistic pre-rendered locations to explore, and spectral activity to observe and interact with. It's a spine-chilling ghost story with multiple sub-plots, atmospheric sound effects and original music. Explore the lighthouse in three different time settings. A Director's Cut Edition came out in 2009 which included many additional features such as new graphics and effects, new puzzles and an enhanced story, new spooks and thrills with more ghostly encounters, as well as new additional music and sound to bring the game world even more to life.
2CD ISO Demo 680MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Director's Cut Edition ISO Demo 736MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Director's Cut contained in: Dark Fall Fan-Made 2.12GB

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