Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager Strategic Simulations, Inc. / Mindscape, Inc. 1994

This is the sequel to Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. Although it has the same engine and basic gameplay as the original game, the graphics have been improved considerably with larger character sprites, etc. Like Shattered Lands, this game is a departure from the earlier gold box Dungeons and Dragons games and is more akin to Baldur's Gate in that instead of a first person "maze game" focusing on dungeon crawling, you have a third-person top down game with more of a focus on interacting with the characters and environment around you. The game takes place from a top down perspective from which you view the world from above, and you control your character's actions with a mouse-driven icon-based point-and-click interface similar to those used in adventure games. Combat takes place on the same screen/environment as the normal adventuring portion of the game, and is turn based where you issue your commands and then the computer issues its commands. Wake of the Ravager follows from Shattered lands, taking place on the barren burning wasteland planet known as Athas. If you finished the first game you can import your characters into this game. After defeating the Drajian Army in the first game, your characters journey to the recently liberated city of Tyr whose evil Sorcer-King Kalak was recently slain. Although freed from Kalak's Tyranny, Tyr is now defenseless against the ambition of the Dragon (Athas' resident Ultimate Evil). The Dragon sends his powerful undead general the Lord Warrior to Tyr to conquer it and prepare for his coming. Your characters hook up with a rebel underground known as the Veiled Alliance and must oppose the Draxans and the Lord Warrior, all the while they are secretly being observed by the Dragon through his crystal ball thingy (he makes various nasty comments about your progress during the map load screens). You soon learn that the Dragon may be the least of your worries, however, as it becomes apparent that the Lord Warrior has his own hidden agenda and intends to unleash a long dormant monster of immense destructive power upon the world.
Full Demo v1.1 11MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo (upped by keropi) 420 MB
Video Review
Clone ISO Demo 422MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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