Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas ICOM Simulations, Inc. / Mindscape 1990

Unarguably the best game ICOM ever produced, Deja Vu 2 continues the storyline of the first game, only this time you no longer have amnesia. As an ace private detective, use your sleuthing skills to uncover sinister gang plots and implement an ingenious plan to set one gang against the other. This is the one game that compares favorably with the best adventure games of the era (1989), and ICOM even generously reduced the number of useless items you can carry. In the sequel you wake up in Las Vegas with a great headache and realize that you are Ace Harding, who haa to find $112,000 of recently murdered Chicago's racketeer Joey Siegel for his boss and Las Vegas' mobster Tony Malone. You have a choice to find money in one week "or else". Just for formality you are watched by Malone's thug Stogie Martin. During the investigation in Noir style you can collect and use items, talk to characters and make some decisions. The game has a multiple windows interface, which size and position you can change. Together with its predecessor Deja Vu II is considered by some fans to be the most difficult of these games and requires a lot of lateral thinking. As in Deja Vu I, the gameplay has a final part where evidence collected during the game has to be planted in the right places. This part is among the trickiest in the game, since the significance of each tidbit can be hard to assess. In 2015, a MacVenture Series PC release contained both the original Macintosh 128k black and white, and Apple IIGS 4-bit color versions.
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Full Demo 862kb (@ XTC Abandonware)
included in Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding - Win3.x Full Demo 6.48MB (uploaded by
Floppy ISO Demo 5.10MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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