Devo Presents: Adventures Of The Smart Patrol Inscape 1996

Here's the scoop. The future is getting thrashed. And it's up to you and the Devo-lutionary rebel forces of the Smart Patrol to, uh ..."Whip it" into shape. Explore a far-flung netherworld seething with mega-corporate villainy, rabid techno-science, come-hither erotic naughtiness, and dangerously mutated humor. Plunge into surrealistic, "Blade-Runner-on-steroids" urban wasteland where disease means profits. Lock 'n' load your trusty Spudgun and do your darndest to net the heinous recombo-DNA nightmare known as the Turkey Monkey. Or, fail miserably and watch as the dreaded Osso Bucco Myelitis disease reduces all of humanity to moaning skin-bags of pulsating ooze. Duty now! This is a game basically inspired by the late seventies/early eighties alternative band Devo, and which takes us to a world based on every little thing that is Devo. You control a Monkees-style group of musicians called the Smart Patrol who take it upon themselves to stop the mad schemes of the evil mutant "Turkey Monkey" who wants to unleash a virus all over Spudland. Gameplay consists of a myst-like game of "slideshows" but without puzzles to solve, most of the game progresses through dialogue and interaction, so your mission really consists of talking to the right person at the right times. The game features digitized actors as well as multiple endings plus, of course, millions of Devo-related jokes, characters etc.
ISO Demo 341MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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