Diabolik: Original Sin Artematica / Astorina 2008

From the makers of Martin Mystere and Druuna comes yet another comic book adaptation. This popular Italian character is a master thief created in in 1962 by the Giussani sisters’ fertile imagination. Diabolik and his partner Eva have become the protagonists of cartoons, films, advertising, spots, songs, gadgets and whatever else. Diabolik is not an ordinary comic book hero. Along with his partner Eva Kant, he is a skilled thief whose knowledge of science and electronics plays an important role in his exploits, as do the lifelike masks he uses for disguise. While stealing (mainly from criminals), he wears a skintight black body suit and arms himself with daggers he can throw with incredible precision. Diabolik’s main opponent is Inspector Ginko, known only by his surname, a fierce police officer who is always thwarted by astute tricks devised by Diabolik.
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DVD ISO Demo 4.23GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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