Dive: The Conquest of Silver Eye Diamond Software / WizardWorks 1996

In this adventure, you play the part of a famous archeologist, Professor Frank Foster. After spending years on what appears to others as nothing more than treasure hunting, you've finally located the hideout of the legendary pirate Silver Eye. Through a chance discovery of an underwater entrance to a deep-sea cavern just as your oxygen supply is running out, your good fortune turns deadly as you embark on a test of survival. Your adventure will take you deep underground where you'll encounter and fight a legion of creatures in your search for pirate bounty and The Conquest of Silver Eye. Movement is done Myst-style via an on-screen directional arrow that takes you from screen to screen. Interaction with objects is accomplished through a series of command options such as take, put, open, eat, look, use, etc. One of the most obscure adventure games ever made, it's a pretty decent first-person Myst-lookalike adventure game with some interesting puzzles. Although the game offers the same dead silent, unpopulated-but-pretty-to-look-at gameworld as Myst, the puzzles in Dive are integrated better into the storyline and you actually have an inventory, so that the game feels much less like a big logic puzzle-solving contest than an actual treasure-hunting quest. There's a good mix of tradition puzzles (that require you to use items from your inventory), and board/logic puzzles similar to 7th Guest or Myst. There are even some combat sequences thrown in (where you will need to kill some robots), but they are there mostly just to break the leisurely pace of your exploration.
Full Demo81MB (upped by Scaryfun)
4CD ISO Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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