Don't Go Alone Sterling Silver Software / Accolade 1989

This is a horror role playing game where you can choose your party from a variety of 16 para-normal characters available. With your party you'll investigate a haunted house on a hill. The house is huge and you'll encounter over 100 spooky opponents in a muti-level maze and solve various puzzles in order to find out the mysteries of the haunted house. An automap feature helps you not to loose tracks in the huge dungeons of the game. Innovatice touches include making alchemical formulae (the equivalent of spellcasting in this game), which is done with actual periodic table, and a good variety of ghosts. Overall, an above-average RPG that is not a classic, but does what it does well.
Full Demo 363kb (XTC Abandonware)
(2x 360kB) Floppy Image (uploaded by Molitor)
Full Demo with DOSBox 6.73MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Full Demo (@ My Abandonware)

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