Double Switch Digital Pictures, Inc. 1993

Double Switch is one of Digital Pictures' many full-motion video games from the mid 90s. In this "cinematic mystery" you must watch your serveilance cameras in order to trap intruders in the Edward Arms mansion. Double Switch stars Corey Haim and Deborah Harry, and features a musical score by Thomas Dolby. The game takes place in a large and old apartment complex where a young man named Eddie has been locked in the basement, and needs your help to get him out. Each member of the building has their own plot line that overlaps into the main plot line. In the first level you have to quickly move from the various cameras Eddie has placed throughout the building in order to trap the various Mafia hit men and Ninja assassins wandering around the building. You also have to get the security codes to free Eddie that the grumpy old handyman will preview at certain points during the game. In the subsequent levels you learn that Mafia hit men and ninjas are trying to locate a valuable Egyptian artifact, and that they are willing to do anything it takes, even kill the various other tenants in the building to get what they want. Around this time a mummy will appear and attempt to steal the statue, and you must rely on the handyman to activate hidden alcove traps to finish off the mummy. If done correctly, the mummy is revealed to be Eddie himself and the game then moves to act 3 where you must protect the tenants from Eddie's rampage. If done correctly, the player will receive the best ending, in which the statue is revealed to be a key to opening a giant treasury within the complex itself. On Dec/2018, a 25th Anniversary Edition was released for modern o/s.
3CD ISO Demo 1.46GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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