Dr. Seuss Living Books: Cat In The Hat Living Books / Broderbund Software, Mattel Interactive 1997

Designed for kids 3-7 years of age, this game is a wonderful way to introduce kids to both Dr. Seuss and to the Computer. After a dancing Cat in the Hat introduction, you have a choice of 2 ways to experience the book. The first is called 'Read To Me', and the story is read aloud with each of the characters speaking in a different voice while you watch the action take place. The second way, 'Let Me Play', is interactive. The story is still read to you one page at a time in the same way, but in addition you can now click on anything in the picture on that page and funny, unexpected things happen. For example, a duck may come in the front door complaining about the rain or a ball may bounce around the room, and you will hear applause if it bounces into the trash basket. The face on a picture may dissolve and you will have to put the ears and eyes and nose back in the right place. There is a hidden character on each page, and you can keep giving the cat more and more things to balance. The text is printed on each page to help develop beginning reading skills and word recognition. If you click on a particular word, that word is repeated. And many words are animated, with a picture of the word which reacts when clicked on.
ISO Demo 192MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ScummVM Full Demo 99MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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