Dr. Seuss Living Books: Dr. Seuss' ABC Living Books / Broderbund Software, The Learning Company 1995

The magic of Dr. Seuss is captured in this interactive CD-ROM sure to win the hearts of kids of all ages. A is for Aunt Annie's alligator, B is for boogie woogie music and C is for a clever CD-ROM according to Dr. Seuss' ABC. This software is way cool for even the teeniest computer users and Dr. Seuss' fans of all ages. Meet Dr. Seuss's hilarious and whimsical characters like Icabod, Izzy, Albert the alligator, a duck-dog, and Lola Lopp as they come to life in this fully animated and colorful interactive software. With this CD-ROM, kids (ages 3 through 7 years) explore all twenty-six letters of the alphabet and more than 500 alphabetically-correct words and loads of playful rhymes in Dr. Seuss's ABC. Parents who grew up reading Dr. Seuss' stories then will treasure the chance to rediscover this old favorite with their kids – a classic now jazzed up by the interactive magic of computer animation. It takes young learners on an adventure of sound, letters, words and meaning. When children click on a word, they'll hear the word pronounced and watch a delightful animation. Join their excitement as they explore the screen for loads of hidden clickables.
ISO Demo 60MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ScummVM Full Demo 84MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Adventure Workshop Tots (Part 2) - 2CD ISO Demo 496MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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