Drakan: Order of the Flame Surreal Software / Psygnosis 1999

Drakan is an action-adventure that seamlessly blends aerial and ground-based gameplay in a beautiful 3D world. As the player, you are Rynn, a warrior-heroine with a savvy attitude and a quick sword arm who teams up with a powerful, fire-breathing dragon named Arokh. Leaving her small village behind, Rynn and Arokh embark on an epic journey across the massive and dangerous world of Drakan in a desperate quest to save Rynn's kidnapped younger brother - and quite possibly all of Drakan - from a fate worse than death. Played in third-person perspective, Drakan combines hand-to-hand combat using over 50 different weapons with a unique flight engine that allows you to battle it out against other dragons for supremacy of the skies. Six different dragon attacks and seven magical spells round out your arsenal. In addition to blood curdling battle situations, Rynn and Arokh will explore their mysterious world, solve puzzles, and interact with more than 25 unique characters through Drakan's real-time, in-game cinematic system. It's an underrated but fun game worth playing.
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Level Demo v2b ~65Mb ( @ Download.com)
Fan-Made Levels/Patches
ISO Demo + 10th Anniversary, AiO patches, unpacked v445 patch for 64-bit o/s (uploaded by Shattered) 605MB

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