Dylan Dog 2:Through The Looking Glass Simulmondo 1993

The second game by Simulmondo based on the horror stories of Dylan Dog is a complete change from its predecessor Dylan Dog - The Murderers. With a better plot, combined with their nice graphics and music, Simulmondo created an interesting and challenging adventure that will keep you playing for hours on end. The plot, at least at the beginning, is quite simple: an old anthropologist is found brutally murdered at his house in London. As Dylan Dog, "investigator of nightmares", you're asked by the anthropologist's niece to protect her and investigate on her uncle's death. The game itself is arguably Simulmondo's best production ever: this time the development didn't stop to the nice sound and graphics they were always capable of, but they created an interesting game with great characters, decent puzzles and a perfect atmosphere. The first remarkable touch is the interface: a truly innovative icon-based system that gives the player a feeling of complete interactivity with the enviroment and the characters, without needing any text input or verb lists, but only intuitive combinations of the two mouse buttons. The characters are another nice surprise: the atmosphere of the comic books is recreated perfectly (thanks to the help of Dylan Dog's inventor Tiziano Sclavi) and it really feels like you're living one of Dylan's adventures on paper.
Full Demo 1702kb (@ Abandonware DOS)

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