Eek!Stravaganza: The EeX Files Inverse Ink 1996

Fox Kids Network teamed up with the kids at Inverse Ink to produce comic books on CD-ROM based on four different cartoons. This one is a wonderfully wild tale of Eek! the cat, who is mistaken for an alien when he falls out of a plane and lands in Area 51. You won't believe who's really running things out there in Secretland! You'll laugh out loud at the outrageous take-offs on Star Trek, Star Trek DSN, the X Files and lots more. By clicking from panel to panel you'll view more than 60 animated "hotspots," including simple animations and QuickTime movies taken straight from the two episodes of the television show on which the game is based. By clicking on folders, you'll unlock secrets and other original touches to the story such as a sing-a-long.
ISO Demo 404MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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