Elroy Goes Bugzerk Headbone Games 1995

Win the 10th Annual Insectathon. Elroy and Blue need your help to win the contest - unfortunately, arch rival Gordon Smugs has a huge head start. Your best bet is to help Elroy find the Technoloptera, a cyberbug that will give Elroy the edge. Explore the Insect Hall of Fame, wander through tunnels, climb trees, even chase chickens to unearth bug facts and decipher clues that will ultimately lead Elroy and Blue to victory in this fully animated adventure game. Elroy and Blue, the hot comic duo, and your mouse-clicking, adventure-happy kids will quickly discover that Smugs is one tough opponent. To get to the bug of their dreams, the TECHNOLOPTERA (How's that for a word?), the kids will have to go through a major obstacle course and some pretty tricky problems. Keeping Elroy out of trouble seems to be the running theme. It is fun to watch Elroy, like Dennis the Menace, as he contemplates using a slingshot to help him with the first activity, getting a chicken's egg so that he can bake a cake to replace the one that his trusty dog, Blue, ate. We watch Elroy steady his slingshot, only to lose his balance and fall out of the tree. Of course, Elroy bounces back and continues on with his chase to find the Technoloptera.
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ISO Demo 163MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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