Famous Five 2: The Silver Tower Novatrix / Ravensburger Interactive / WESTKA 2000

This is another interactive adventure inspired by the classic Enid Blyton books. Here is a second opportunity to join the Famous Five, namely Julian, Dick, Ann, George (really Georgina) and Timmy the dog, in an exciting mystery adventure. Julian, Dick and Anne are holidaying once again with their Uncle and Aunt and cousin George at Kirrin Cottage, and following their previous adventures on Treasure Island, are eager to visit Kirrin Island once again. However, Uncle Quentin has put a stop to their plans because he is conducting scientific experiments on the island and he has built a mysterious Silver Tower. The children are not allowed to visit the island, much to George's disgust. Strange happenings occur, and Uncle Quentin goes missing. Is there an intruder? Now it's your task to help the children to get to Kirrin Island and assist the Famous Five in unravelling the mystery. Look for clues, then solve them, search the Fisherman's cottage, negotiate treacherous rocks, and take part in all the various adventures the game has to offer.
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ISO Demo 342MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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