Famous Five 5: On A Secret Mission Novatrix / Ravensburger Interactive / WESTKA 2001

Famous Five On A Secret Mission is an interactive adventure inspired by the ever - popular Famous Five books and will bring the classic tales to a whole new generation. George (really Georgina) is having her cousins Julian, Dick and Anne over for the summer holidays. After a couple of weeks, Anne is firmly convinced that nothing is going to happen in the holidays, and she can finally relax, when suddenly, there is a terrific bang, which they think came from Kirrin Island. Before they can get there and explore, they have to help Alf fix the boat that they want to use, sending them around Kirrin looking for the equipment. When they finally get to Kirrin Island, they discover there has been a plane crash, and the pilot is actually a secret service agent. He is on a mission to deliver some highly sensitive radio equipment, but something has gone wrong, and he has been tricked, so he is smuggling some illegal goods. The scene is set, the story unfolds, then players must find clues, disentangle the secrets, solve puzzles and lead the Famous Five into a thrilling adventure involving old castle ruins, an old shipwreck, a lighthouse and many more exciting places where the adventure takes place.
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 270MB

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