Final Destination: The Secret Of Larson's Folly Jonathan Cooper / Cyragon 2005

Final Destination is a first-person, slide show, point & click adventure, in the tradition of the Myst games. It's a futuristic science-fiction game about war, power sources, and planets. In 2818, an interplanetary civil war broke out, destroying the galaxy. From the aftermath emerged Larson's Folly, a unique civilization that thrived on their own power plant and other handmade intricacies. Three hundred years later, you've crossed the galaxy to find them - only to discover that the planet was destroyed in a stellar shockwave. Their journals and damaged machinery reveal the only clues you have to the outcome of the disaster. Did some survive, or are they all buried under the dust that used to be their home? Unfortunately, the plot is furthered only by the puzzles, because there aren't any characters to interact with except Charlie, the intelligent but damaged machine. The only way to solve the puzzles, however, is to read - and there is a lot to read on Larson's Folly. Most of your time spent with this game will be reading, and some of it is difficult to decipher. The puzzles come one after the other, mostly consisting of entering coordinates or pushing buttons or adjusting settings on panels and computers and they're hard.
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Level Demo 50Mb ( @ WinSite)
ISO Demo 387MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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