Force Majeure II: The Zone Leo Nordwall / Interacting Arts 2005

This is a sequel to Force Majeure, which was released only in Swedish. The Zone is the developer's first English-language game and was created under the principles of the scratchware manifesto and uses the AGS engine. You are the sole survivor of an unknown catastrophe, trapped in an air-raid shelter. Escaping your confinement, you face a delusional reality known only as the Zone – a place where your own mind is your enemy. The city is in ruins: explore a dreamy landscape through the eyes of a lone wanderer trying to piece together fragments of the past. Force majeure II: The Zone is a mind-blowing journey that will take you into another world and beyond. The project is a serious-minded attempt to make you question the nature of reality you are living in. What is "real"? Can you really trust your senses or are you seeing illusions? Are you dreaming of being in the Zone, or are you in the Zone dreaming that you are in front of this computer? There is no coming back from this trip. Explore more than 60 locations in first person perspective. Listen to over 70 minutes of CD-quality soundtrack in the style of moody ambient electronica. See several minutes of live video footage.
Level Demo 148Mb or 45Mb Lite Version ( @ Official Site)
Digital Download ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 481MB

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