Frogger: The Great Quest Konami Of America Papa Yeti Team / Konami Of America 2002

Frogger returns with a brand new look, style of gameplay and attitude. Whereas the popular arcade game was an action game, here you enter Firefly pond and join a magical adventure where an all-new Frogger searches for the princess of his dreams. In a lush 3D environment, Frogger explores dark caverns, goblin trails, swirling streams, perilous swamps and huge castles. During his adventures, Frogger interacts with over 80 unique characters that will help or hinder him in his quest to become a prince. He walks on two feet instead of hopping around on all four, shoots goobers out of his mouth, can glide after a jump by using his expanding throat, climb up and down vines located on walls. It's similar to Rayman 2 in many ways. Frogger also can use close-combat Frog-Fu and the ability to use these Magic Stones that are basically these different power-up skills. It has some irritating controls and camera movement, but the graphics are pretty good and colorful. Just about all of the characters that you encounter in the game have voices and there's quite a bit of speech.
ISO Demo 569MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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