Gast the Greatest Little Ghost! Idol FX AB / Mindscape, Inc. 2002

Gast is an original kids game featuring a small ghost lost in a haunted Amusement Park. The evil clown has stopped the magical clock that brings laughter and joy to the amusement park. He has twisted it into a dark shadow of its former self where his henchmen scare the life out of everybody that comes to visit. You play as Gast and your job is to restart the clock and drive the nightmare away. To do so you must collect stars by solving puzzles and provide the henchmen with what they need to deliver them. When you have collected enough stars you will be ready to confront the clown. The atmosphere of the game is unique and exciting - you are stuck somewhere between the real world and the world of fairy-tales. Gast features characters and places you would find in horror stories but turning them into darker, more sinister environments appealing to adults and children alike.
ISO Demo 369MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Gäst: Jakten På Den Försvunna Skatten - Swedish ISO Demo 397MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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