Gems Of Darkness / Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge Bardworks / Hoffman and Associates / Dreamcatcher Games 1997

This is a puzzle game sequel to Jewels Of The Oracle set in an archeological dig were a pre-sumerian culture left a great treasure. To unlock the treasure you must uncover 24 rune tokens from several places in the dig by solving for each one a logic/pattern recognition puzzle of varying difficulty. The main game screen consists of a map from where you can go directly to each puzzle as well as other interesting sites. There's an in-game journal that offers hints for most puzzles and if you are really stuck you can also consult with the digitally-captured professor Bhandam (the guy in charge of the dig) for hints. The game also offers two difficulty settings for each puzzle. It features richly realized QuickTime animations to provide dreamy transitions between rooms throughout the 3 story underground ruin. The game also uses QuickTime Virtual Reality extension for its animations and backdrops. Approximately 75 minutes of Full Motion Videos are shot for the game.
3CD ISO Demo 1.00GB (uploaded by Meddle)

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