Gex Kinesoft Software / Crystal Dynamics / Microsoft Game Studios 1996

Enter your television in this side-scrolling platform adventure to defeat the evil Rez by collecting remotes to open worlds inside your tv. You are a gecko with all the usual platform hero skills such as jump, fire and close range attack, but also suction cups to help you scale walls, a tongue to pick up those tricky to get power-ups and plenty of wise-cracks to keep you amused. Use them all to make your way through TV land searching for the remotes, collecting pickups, power-ups and killing TVs. Travel through 24 television-themed and perform over 125 moves and actions. You play across five different worlds which include Graveyard World, Kung Fu World, Cartoon World, Jungle World, and Rez's Nerve Center. The graveyard world is a hokey horror movie background with a dark and foreboding flavor of textured tombstones and gargoyles. You fight franken geckos, mad slashers, and central casting rejects as you fight over a simulated world of bad television and movies. Thanks to voice work from comedian Dana Gould, Gex has plenty to say throughout the entire adventure.
Level Demo ~58Mb ( @
Full Demo 21MB (uploaded by
Full Demo (made by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) Nothing ripped, runs without CD and doesn't have an Install bug which sometimes occurs on XP. 87MB
ISO Demo 112MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full ISO Demo (@

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