Grim Fandango LucasArts 1998

Most adventure gamers agree that Grim Fandango is one of the best LucasArts adventures and adventure games in general. Quite possibly one of the top five adventures of all time, and certainly in the Top Ten. The style, atmosphere, wit, creativity and inventiveness are what makes Grim Fandango remarkable. No adventurer should miss this game. The adventure takes place in the Land of the Dead where, according to Aztec legends, dead souls spent four years travelling to the ninth underworld. Tim Schafer, the designer, has taken this legend, mixed in film noir and 50's-era hot rods, and crafted a sparkling adventure. You play Manuel Calavera, an employee of the Department of Death (DoD). He can't travel on to the ninth underworld; he's stuck in El Marrow at the DoD, working off a debt from his life. He spends his time selling deluxe travel packages for travel to the ninth underworld to newly-arrived souls, hoping to make enough in commissions to begin his own journey. The game is a first for LucasArts: an adventure which does not use the SCUMM engine. Instead, it uses a new 3D engine, in which some objects are pre-rendered and some generated on the fly. You control Manny either through keyboard or joystick. There is no mouse support, and no icons to click. When Manny walks close to something he can interact with, his head turns and he looks at the object. When he's noticing something in this fashion, you can have him describe it, use it, or try to pick it up. His inventory is kept inside his coat, and you can have him pull out the objects that he is carrying one at a time. Manny discovers that things are rotten at the DoD. He's no longer getting good commissions, and souls are being cheated out of their rightful rewards. This discovery leads Manny on a four-year journey across the Land of the Dead, in pursuit of a mysterious woman named Mercedes Colomar. On the way he meets revolutionary leaders, mobsters, gamblers, and one very large, very orange demon named Glottis whose sole purpose is to drive cars. The graphics are lush, with Aztec and Mayan images blended smoothly with Art Deco design.

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Level Demo 99MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
 1  2  3  4 
2CD ISO Demo 1068Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
Running on modern o/s
 1  2  3 
Grim Fandango Deluxe (texture mod project) 4.5MB (uploaded by ResidualVM)
Grim Mouse - Point-and-Click Mod / Infos 1925kb (uploaded by Official Site)
 1  2 
Clone 2CD ISO Demo & scans 1.27GB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo + Extras 1.23GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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