Gundam 0079: The War For Earth Presto Studios, Inc. / Bandai Co., Ltd. 1996

Gundam was one of the most successful early instances in Japanese animation - typically referred to as "anime" - to popularize the concept of humans piloting giant man-shaped "mecha," or "mobile suits" into battle. This is an interactive FMV on rails with 4 command options - "attack," "defend," "interact," and "change weapon." Movement - Used Gundam move in one of four directions (used to avoid attacks); Change Weapon - Use a weapon to attack (unarmed attack, the vulcans, beam saber, beam rifle or hyper bazooka); Defend - Use the Gundam Shield to defend; Interact - Applies to the above three actions (mainly used when interacting with characters, rather than in the Gundam). A correct option must be chosen at the correct point in the story to advance. It has some good computer animation and well-crafted mecha fight sequences but gameplay is not that strong. Despite being filmed in live action with western actors, the games voiceovers are a recorded Japanese dub featuring the original cast reprising the voices of their characters.
ISO Demo 644MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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