Heart Of China Dynamix / Sierra On-Line 1991

The game features the exploits of pilot Jake "Lucky" Masters as he tries to rescue nurse Kate Lomax from a ruthless warlord. The story and characters are similar to Indiana Jones. In 1930s Hong Kong, struggling former World War I fighter pilot Jake "Lucky" Masters is recruited by rich businessman E.A. Lomax for a dangerous mission. Lomax's daughter Nurse Kate Lomax, has been kidnapped by ruthless warlord Li Deng and imprisoned in Deng's Chengdu fortress. Lucky must rescue nurse Kate but to do so, he must enlist the help of a mysterious ninja named Zhao Chi. Each day Lucky has not rescued Kate, his reward money decreases by $20,000. After sneaking into Deng's fortress, Lucky and Chi snatch Kate and escape. Unfortunately, Kate is bitten by a snake during the rescue and the only medicine that can save her is in Tibet. After further adventures in Tibet and Istanbul, the trio makes its way to Paris. There are several possible endings to the game and many ways to die. Some interesting features are that certain choices can delay the team (diminishing the reward given in the epilogue), and that portions of the game are played from Jake's, Chi's, and Kate's perspectives. There are two optional arcade-style action sequences.
Full Demos VGA + EGA 6.37+2.86MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
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Full Demo 7Mb (@ XTC Abandonware)
(5x 1.44MB) Floppy Image (uploaded by Molitor)
Floppy Images ISO Demo + Scans 12MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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