Hector: Badge of Carnage Straandlooper / Telltale Games 2011

This is a trilogy of point-and-click adventure games based on the adventures of the character Hector: Fat Arse of the Law, a hard-nosed and soft-bellied Detective Inspector with the Clapper's Wreake Police Service. Episode 1 We Negotiate with Terrorists (Apr 27) - There's a hostage situation and all the other negotiators are dead. Hector has a choice to make: carry out the terrorist's curiously altruistic demands, or watch as his fellow officers are picked off one by one. Stagger a drunken mile through the Crime Capital of Britain. Do all the things you've dreamed about: hit a tramp with a crowbar, steal a young man's trousers, kick a heroin addict into a cardboard box, enter a porn shop without embarrassment, carry a designer handbag. The game features: 18 sordid, filthy, rundown locations; 23 well-developed & witty characters (+ 1 stinking drunk); 40 Inventory items (includes Free Lubricant!); 397 interactive objects; 2421 spoken lines of dialogue; and cinematic cutscenes. The first episode was initially released for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices in June 2010. But Telltale Games brought it to pc along with two remaining episodes due in the Fall. Episode 2 Senseless Acts of Justice (Aug 26) - This uses a more robust game engine and it's a little bit longer. The puzzles have been bulked out and a few more characters have been added. Once he escapes from his current predicament he will spend the rest of the episode running around town chasing after the terrorist who has left minimal and circumstantial clues behind, but enough to generate enough leads to bring him through some of the more seedy areas of Clappers Wreake. One new location is a beauty parlour that is also an army surplus store run by a gun-toting beautician. All of her specials have to do with combining say Jasmine and Cordite, cocoa butter and machine gun oil. Episode 3 Beyond Reasonable Doom (Sep 29) - once again it sees you stepping into the shoes of boozy copper Hector, as he staggers back to the "armpit" of Great Britain - Clappers Wreake - to save it from itself. Naive and inept subordinate Lambert vigilantly plays the "good cop" straight man to his boss' "bad cop" antics. Should you decide to take the Hector plunge, you'll be in for some tricky puzzles, adult jokes, and gritty scenes.
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Episodes 1-3 - GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.6 2.03GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Episode 3 Full Demo 461MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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