Disney's Hercules Eurocom Entertainment Software / Buena Vista Games 1997

Hercules is the requisite game based on the Disney animated movie. Get ready to battle your way through three ancient words, ten challenging stages and a hoard of mythological monsters. First hone your skills in the Hero's Gauntlet obstacle course. Jump through fire hoops, dodge obstacles like swinging pendulums and more. Save Meg from the evil Nessus. Use your reflective shield to stop Medusa's beams from turning you to stone. Fly on Pegasus and use special gifts to defeat Hades and his minions. Hidden areas, Hercules power-ups and magical weapons ensure hours of replayability. The game includes actual sequences from the film. The use of the Z-axis lets Hercules move in and out of background scenery, giving the game a pseudo 3-D look and feel. The other feature that truly makes Hercules fun is the constant interaction that Herc has with his surroundings. For instance, you must use Herc's amazing strength to pick up giant boulders to throw at enemies or use Herc's powerful fists to knock columns and other obstacles out of your way.
US Clone ISO Demo 502MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 18MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo454MB (upped by Oyn)

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