Hitchcock: The Final Cut Arxel Tribe / Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 2001

You are invited to enter a world full of suspense and action in this new adventure thriller game. Relive some of Hitchcock's true masterpieces, and investigate the disappearance of one of Hitchcock's most loyal and dangerous admirers. Joseph Shamley is a private eye who acquired psychic powers after his parents died in a car accident on the day of Alfred Hitchcock's funeral. As he is leaving for a fishing holiday, he is approached by a beautiful and mysterious mute blonde woman who persuades him to accept a job. Her uncle, Robert Marvin-Jordan, a pharmaceutical tycoon, was shooting a movie on the private set of his estate, when he and the entire shooting crew mysteriously disappeared overnight. Using his psychic powers and investigation skills, Shamley must unravel the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of the crew and the eccentric tycoon. Accompanied by a mynah bird called Alfred he sets off to the estate, but nothing can prepare him for what lies ahead. This story is inspired by the master's work and has 15 minutes of extracts from some of his most successful movies: Psycho, Frenzy, Shadow of A Doubt, Saboteur, Topaz and Torn Curtain. Backgrounds, graphics and cameras have been created according to the rules of Hitchcock's art. Over 30 minutes of cinematic 'movie like' sequences add to the thrilling atmosphere. There's real interaction with the characters - dialogue, actions (running, chasing, shooting etc) and investigation which draw you deep into the gripping storyline. You can get automatic help - your psychic abilities can be called upon to provide the player with new leads. Over 20 hours of gameplay, more than 50 stunning locations to explore and numerous characters to interact with, are all created in stunning 3D.
Alpha Level Demo 81Mb (@ Strategy Informer)
 1  2 
2CD ISO Demo ~1.09Gb (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer 1.11GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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